The Vertical Dimension is dedicated to helping individuals and corporations to find their deeper capacities and apply them to organizational and personal objectives.


Debora first met Sydney Banks in 1989 and began studying the Three Principles of Creating the Human Experience.  She has taught these principles to individuals, to corporate leaders in the Fortune 500, and to those struggling with poverty and the stress of life.  Her work in spiritual psychology includes being ordained in 2015 and helping her clients find their peace of mind, and innate wisdom.

She is a certified life coach, master financial coach, psychologist and chaplain and all of her work is based in the Three Principles as taught by Sydney Banks. She is also on the national consulting register with Aha Process in the work of Bridges Out of Poverty; and is Board President of Emerge Solutions Inc – a 501C3 dedicated to ending poverty.



The three principles, originally discovered by Sydney Banks, explain how human experience is formed within each person moment to moment. An explanation of the principles is: Mind, the formless spiritual energy and intelligence behind life, Consciousness, the awareness of existence and who and what we really are, and Thought, the ability to create experience using the formless energy we are blessed with.

These Three Principles work in unison and explain every experience from joy to despair. Knowing this enables one to make wiser choices and to live a life of peace and contentment. (yes no matter what!) Understanding how the principles work allows people to walk away from a troubled past and to rise above ANY adverse circumstances.

Nearly four decades of this breakthrough understanding in practice has demonstrated that people can create rewarding, healthy personal and professional lives. The simplicity and depth of the principles are having a dramatic effect on many fields of endeavor, including mental health care, medicine, education, business, drug and alcohol treatment, the criminal justice system and a wide range of youth programs.

Additionally this teaching is now world wide.