Resources for Wisdom

Gain insight and power.

True Transformation comes from the Heart of Wisdom – learn how to access that wisdom and guidance for yourself. By working with Debora and the guidance through the opportunities presented by The Vertical Dimension, this will lead you further to:

  • Possibility thinking that guarantees success in business and in life
  • New opportunities, advancement or promotion
  • Integration of secular life and the sacred
  • Live from the Heart
  • Healing of relationships and making meaningful connections (forever!)
  • Tools for transformation
  • Success in the new economy
  • Energy and inspiration for impact and leadership
  • Removing blind spots and increasing personal power
  • Releasing “stuck” places and removing obstacles easily and forever
  • Finding true purpose and vocation (lifepath shows how to get there!)
  • Learn how to instruct and coach others in all of the above!

Wisdom Products