As I said, I first found this understanding in 1989 and started listening and being taught by the man who uncovered The Three Principles and his name was Sydney Banks. To say he was an unlikely recipient of such a gift would be a great understatement.  Syd was not a “seeker” – he wasn’t a mental health professional- he wasn’t a member of some spiritual group – he was a man from Canada who lived a simple life and wanted to be happier, less insecure, but mostly just wanted to enjoy his life.  You can find out more about Syd and his personal experience at

He began teaching these principles on Salt Spring Island British Columbia and over time drew pioneers in therapy and community development as the beginning disciplines who, wanted more hope in their work and in their lives.

Today, as I write this – the Three Principles are literally all over the world- this morning I got a notice from a teacher and coach of this understanding, who is having a workshop in Dubai. I am not kidding – all over the world.

But I digress – after listening to the Three Principles teachers for a few years, I knew I wanted to teach it as well and my journey at that time, began in corporate America -where there was plenty of stress and a lot of temporary solutions that didn’t prove out over time. For those of you reading this blog for “proof” of its efficacy, hang in there – I will point to places you can learn about that as we go but before we do that – I guess I better answer the big question.  What are the Three Principles and how come I have never heard of them?

Stay tuned for the answer – in the meantime, check out the story of Syd Banks and consider reading one his books – my favorite is The Enlightened Gardener.