The Three Principles of Human Experience (or how do we create our experiences moment to moment) are:

The Presence of MIND- an energy and intelligence – the system behind and before life (known by many names)

The fact of Consciousness– the capacity to be aware of our reality and bring thinking to life via our five senses.

The gift of Thought– the divine “play dough” out of which reality is being created and recreated, moment to moment and day by day.

There now – everybody clear? No? Ok I will say more.  We are experiencing life from the words on this page to the news on the television through the gift of thought.  We are aware of those thoughts via our consciousness.  The system in the background that keeps our heart beating, our digestive system working and the beauty of nature is what we refer to as Mind.

If you are like me you thought experience happened first on the outside of you – the traffic made me crazy. When it is the thoughts about traffic that are making me crazy.  The traffic is doing what it is doing- traffic has no power over my feelings.

This is one of the foremost pillars of this understanding…that life is inside out – or as this blog goes – insight out. Thought followed very quickly by a feeling gives us an experience…and we see it in the outside world while it is happening on the inside world first.  We are always feeling our thinking – not the event.

Over the next 8 or 9 blogs I will go into this more deeply so don’t worry – for now…watch your feelings and thoughts and carefully observe where they are coming from.

Until next Friday…….

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