Thought creates our world and then says, “I didn’t do it.” physicist David Bohm

Here is a story to illustrate my last post.  When I was 5 or 6 I was afraid of the dark.  I couldn’t fall asleep unless I was in bed with my mom and dad so they would let me fall asleep in their bed and then somehow magically I was in my own bed in the morning.  One night my dad decided enough was enough and told me in no uncertain terms that I would spend the entire night in my bed.  My older sister had a boyfriend in those days who was very fond of me so he gave me a large stuffed Teddy Bear that I somehow called “Tousey”.  As my dad was leaving my room (and I was crying pitifully) he handed me Tousey and said here – your bear can help you out.  Somehow between the light being on all night and the beloved Tousey I made it through the night and my fear of the dark disappeared.

I naturally attributed the power of my fearless state to the Bear and I truly believed having a stuffed animal to hug was how I concurred my fear. I admit I still own a lot of stuffed bears.

This is how we innocently come to believe  that the outside world is in charge of our feelings and how we react to situations.  In truth however, it is coming from us.  My feeling of comfort and care came from me and just looked like it came from Tousey.  And so it has been all these years.

So to restate the preliminaries on how thought creates feeling and then experience it can’t be said too often – that life is an inside out experience….always.

Until next Friday…….

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