So now we have the basics of the Three Principles and so what…What is the benefit of knowing how our experience is created – how everyone’s experience is created – how all of us live in separate realities of thought and we are innocent to that fact that we are doing it to ourselves.
Well aside from the obvious – that is shifting from…I am a victim of the outside in world I live in – and it’s only a matter of time until the other shoe drops. TO (drum roll)
We don’t ever have to be afraid of our experiences – past , present or future. In fact, we are never afraid of what we think we are afraid of – we are afraid of what we think.
Some of the benefits include- removing blame from our lives…blaming others for our unhappiness to blaming ourselves for blaming them.
Less stress day to day – (don’t let the one-line fool you – that is HUGE).
More peace in our heart and minds – just gently reminding ourselves -its all thought – creating this moment and the next.
Creativity, Possibility and eliminating limitations that we “thought” we had.
Miracles – I know, I know – really that word again…but I have seen it in clients, in companies, in me and so I know it to be true.
Some stories to follow illustrating the above….until next Friday