I have a coach – a teacher of this understanding that heard the principles from Syd Banks very early after Syd experienced them. He wasn’t too interested in Syd’s message and in fact, was outright hostile when Syd started talking about forgiveness and compassion for people who acted out of their thinking and didn’t know it.
My friend grew up in a home with a raging alcoholic for a father. Abuse was all around and my friend turned his back on his dad in order to have a better life. When Syd heard the story, he mentioned how much pain the father must have been in – in his mind -to hurt his family. That was it for my friend – and he nearly left the principles and Syd behind.
But over the years, he (like me) began teaching what he did know and is still today a profound teacher of this understanding and an adorable person. Anyway, one day he got the call that his dad was dying and his wife put him on a plane to say his good byes. His dad had everything you can imagine wrong with him and the doctors thought it would be a matter of days.
When my friend went in the room to see his dad – something happened (be on the lookout for this amazing wisdom from within)…he suddenly saw this ill man and all his burdens – all his bad behavior and personal pain and without even thinking or trying – forgiveness filled the space.
He had a few words with his dad and taught him the essence of these principles in a short exchange and yes here it comes – the miracle happened. His dad lived another 7 years – to enjoy his grandchildren and experience a life filled with love, forgiveness, and new thinking.
The two keys to this story are that it was effortless – it came from within – in answer to the moment – not reliving the past or projecting the future- but being present and allowing this inner guidance system to provide something TOTALLY new.
The other key is when that happens – miracles take place – on every level..Physical, emotional and spiritual.

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