SO am I saying the principles provide the solution to injustice. As I write, things have just been transpiring in Charlottesville – Am I saying that the principles can heal the wounds of racism, of poverty, of greed – of everything we see in the outside world?
Well yes, I am saying that. I have a dear friend who thinks I am somewhat dotty about this “One Solution” notion (see the work of Mara Gleason for more info on that) and my friend rakes me over the coals on a regular basis with questions like…really Debora – I see the value of the principles but ONE SOLUTION…(expletives and loud talking). How do they connect to peace – to justice – to the current administration etc etc.
I am sorry to admit that I didn’t react well to those questions – I think I did some email shouting at him a few times? But as always when we relax our grip on our thinking, a insight comes to us and fills the space with compassion for ourselves and the person we are shouting at.
If Syd had received a quarter for every time he was asked for the “how” – he would have been a vastly wealthy man at the time of his passing. If you are anything like me the HOW questions are coming fast and furiously.
The answer is both simple and honest. I don’t know. But as Oprah says, here is what I know for sure. It is our thinking that has created the problems we see – and but for that thinking – we would have ideas, solutions, care and miracles. It already happens that way – we just don’t see it. WE don’t “see” what brought down the Berlin Wall – or had Nelson Mandela become President of South Africa or what changed my friend’s heart and reached across to his ill father and saved his life. But we can see – that something deep changed in all those circumstances and we can see that something was in thought – was in the awareness of the thought and was formed by a Greater Intelligence that we have access to – every moment of every day.