So what now? Well this has been my foray back to teaching. I am now incorporating this understanding into my work in my community – and I am intent to point people to their innate wisdom, well-being and genius and away from their circumstances, their so called problems and their fears.
What will happen – what will be the result – well stay in touch –
I will be providing workshops, retreats, podcasts and who knows maybe a book? I will also be continuing this Friday blog! Thank you so much for all your positive feedback over the past 12 weeks.

There is a lot out there now about the principles – just type The Three Principles into your Amazon search and watch what comes up.

Maybe you will see a book by me there one day – but in the meantime you can find me at or by leaving a comment below.

I know you can find this understanding within yourself and I know it will transform your life. It has mine.
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