I hope those of you who have been following the blog enjoyed the introductory overview of the Three Principles of Human Experience and want more. If you are new to the BLOG please go through the first sessions archived on the site so you know more about what we have covered and how it can bring a transformational moment to your life.

This series is about deepening the realizations and seeing life through the lens of this understanding. I will be using examples from different walks of life – from my clients to my own experience to that of my colleagues around the world. I also hope to touch on how this understanding has moved into something called ONE SOLUTION – which sounds lofty for sure. I was very inspired to consider it about a year ago – just imagine for a moment that this understanding could provide the back drop to many of our social challenges from poverty to world peace. So hang in there as we work our way from the everyday life we all are challenged by, to the world we inhabit and the hope we can all bring to having our consciousness shift to a higher level.

For today lets consider this new paradigm referred to as “the inside out” understanding. My sounding board is often my husband and our conversations often occur in the hot tub over coffee. I have been exploring this with him and he often looks at me and says “ I just don’t get what you mean.” I have realized over the years that Three Principles teachers say the same things over and over – in different ways and from different angles for this very reason. Since insight occurs moment to moment sometimes we hear something, and it doesn’t really land in our understanding and moments, hours or days later (God forbid years) we go OHHH that’s what you meant.

So in that spirit- here it is again – we can never experience an event, person, place or thing- we can only experience our thinking about that event, person, place or thing. Just for a moment notice someone you are listening to and the feelings you are experiencing as you listen – that is your thinking about what you are hearing- and nothing else. No matter how hard we try we are always feeling our thinking – which means it is coming from inside of us –
For those of you who are now trying to “do” something with those thoughts – leave them alone – just notice the inside-out paradigm, and come back next week…..