I just finished leading an intense training that was new to our community and I was new to delivering it. It is a fast paced program in which the facilitation is a bit like kindergarten- in that you keep the participants going non-stop for 6 days (not that they are acting like children…..although….) Anyway, I noticed some stuff about the folks who were certifying me to deliver this training. Very soon, it appeared to me that they didn’t “approve” of what I was doing or how I was doing it…I actually had not confirmed that – it was simply reading into what was said, what wasn’t said, and a lot of body language. I got lost- I was sure all my anxiety of which there was plenty – was coming to me from them. About 75% of the way through I got information that clearly told me I had been making things up for weeks – and all the anxiety, sleepless nights, worry and frustration as well as plotting my strategies about what to do about all this – dropped away. I realized that I had been suffering for some time and it had all come from the “inside out” – that is to say I was making it up.

It is very easy to think that life is coming at us – that people like us or they don’t and that is why we are constantly riding the roller coaster of emotional well being or not. When you begin to listen deeply to the message in the principles, it begins to occur to you that people, events, changes, fears, doubts and misery are all coming from the thinking and the meaning we place on things – AND NOT THE THINGS THEMSELVES. When that happens, a sudden burst of freedom and energy occurs at the same time- like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Until next Friday…Enjoy your New Years and spread the word!
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