The freedom I mentioned last week is like going to an oxygen bar in the Vegas airport- you are suddenly light- happy – or maybe high even. You have this moment where you sense you will never be the same. And you are not – you have permanently had your thinking re-ordered through the intelligence that is behind the system. Of course, you can forget this feeling in a moment – because the human condition has not pulled for freedom. There is the slavery of our own mis-guided thinking that is all around us – but even though it looks like I forgot as I mentioned in Blog 3 – it never leaves you. When you relax and begin to look in the direction of your own innate health and magnificence it all comes washing over you again.
Over the years I have noticed that it happens much faster for me and even in the moments that my thinking is making me miserable – I can sense something behind that. Now it has become a matter of trust – not remembering. It isn’t my memory that has failed me after 30+ years of learning and teaching the 3 Principles – I believe I can recite them in my sleep. Now when I falter I realize it is trust – or the lack thereof – that Mind has my back and even when I don’t feel ok – I AM OK. That backdrop of being ok as life rocks and rolls from California fires to violence in Vegas – I am still ok. When I talk to people affected by both of those things – I hear the – “I am ok “ in the background. But for their thinking about the event, the interpretation about the event, the meaning of the event- its shining like a brilliantly faceted stone – the human resilience – the no matter whatness of our design.

So if you are like me and keep asking – but what do I do ….(I asked that for years) – I will tell you what Syd Banks said – he said look in another direction and do nothing. Look at your ok ness in the midst – look at your thinking as it passes through and relax. Its only a matter of time.