Many people tell me that they just want to “get it” – they want to see how the 3 Principles are the key to the One Solution – how they are fundamental and how they are miraculous. Of course, by now you know that trying to get it takes you into effort and away from the design which already knows the principles- but we are busy people so we don’t want to waste any more time worrying or stressing if we can just “get it” and begin enjoying life. If this sounds familiar – don’t feel bad – I spent 20+ years doing that – I give myself credit for immersing myself and staying with it but then again – I didn’t really do that – it was being done for and through me.

There are some so-called shortcuts and I will spend the next several blogs on pointing to what those are in the hopes that you will get what one 3 Principles teacher calls “glimpses” that turn into full blown insights and life changing moments.

The first one for this blog is about listening. I had an advisor in my PhD program tell me that I could get everything done that needed to be done through my listening. In those days I am sure I said WHAT DID YOU SAY – I am sure it must be in my talking – in my advising – in my prescribing…….but at the same time there was something so beautiful in that thought. I could just sit back and listen.
The key to listening to the principles so that they are transformational for your life is what you are listening for. We are normally listening to content – to remembering what was said, and how it was said, and when we can use it. That type of listening though advantageous if you are asking directions to the rest rooms in a strange building in a time of need is helpful- IT IS NOT HELPFUL for transformation.

The key to listening to transform is to listen with nothing on your mind- to listen as you would to some favorite music (for me its Bruce Springsteen singing “ IF I fall behind, wait for me”) or a day dreaming type of listening where your mind is at rest.

When you listen this way – it is natural to have new and fresh thought – it is organic that you begin to let go of troubled mind – and it comes with the deeper feelings of peace, joy and calm. Sometimes when it happens you wonder – what did I just do? Avoid that pitfall and keep listening.

More to come on that in the next blog…..