Michael Neill, who I have previously quoted in this blog, recently did a podcast on what he has noticed about who understands these Principles very quickly and who struggles with them. I must admit I was in the struggling group for a significant period of time – that is perhaps why what he said resonated so well.

When I mentioned the incredible importance of listening in the last blog it shakes out this way …There are people who listen to the principles for “how life works” and those that listen from “how shall I live”?

The How Shall I live group listens for strategies that will be personally useful – they listen for prescriptions on what to do ( I have a client now who asks for homework after every session). They listen for “after the fact”…. therefore, what do I do?
Those who listen for How Life works listen for the principle nature of each of the three elements – they listen for the description and they listen most importantly for the “Before the fact of my thinking- who am I”? They listen for the intelligence behind life not the practices that you do in life.
When you listen for How Life Works – you relax, you reflect, and you NOTICE.
You notice what is creating your experience in this moment – not what to do with the experience you are having. You notice your feeling state and if that state is uncomfortable or stressful – there is the clue to what the thoughts are that you are believing and acting on.
This week – notice what you are listening for and see the difference…