I was speaking with a friend recently and I said – “if you knew the cure for cancer, wouldn’t you want to share it with anyone and everyone you could”… Although I don’t possess the cure for cancer, I do know the way to mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The way is in the understanding of The Three Principles of Human Experience that explains both how the mind works and how all experiences of literally everyone, also works.

I came to this understanding in the early 90’s in a very unhappy period in my life. I had lost my husband, my mother and my best friend- I was suffering from a substance abuse problem and had completed three years of intense therapy.  As I was leaving the therapist’s office, she said to me “you have made great progress but you will always have to deal with your core wound.”  This wasn’t the hopeful outcome that I had invested in and I left feeling as though there was something very wrong with me.

I found a book a few days later that pointed to a new way of seeing your life and your mental health – I still have the book on my shelf but the only thing I remember from it was the notion that there was NOTHING wrong with me and it was a great misunderstanding of how my experience had been formed. I called the author’s office (he was a psychiatrist in Minneapolis) and found a workshop coming to my area in a few short days.

To say it was a coincidence would diminish the power of that introduction. This blog has two purposes – the first is to tell the story of finding home in myself and knowing it as if for the first time.  The other purpose is to share this cure- as best I can, wherever I can.  Thanks for joining me,