After I left corporate work I was more or less called into work with people in our community who were experiencing poverty, addiction and mental suffering. It was not a world I was familiar with or one that I understood. It was so compelling that I completely forgot the principles as a possibility for this work for 6 years. I was outraged by injustice and my own blindness while living the good life – that people were marginalized and exploited and I was completely unaware.
This illustrates a very important point or lesson. It is SO EASY to think life is outside in. It is easy to lose your bearings – and start looking for solutions in old thinking – in old structures – in old behaviors. And yes, I did get lost. I even thought I was lost for a good cause.
I heard Syd teach many times before his passing in 2009, but I had very few personal conversations with him. One however was not long before he left. I was sitting next to him at dinner and my thoughts were worrisome. I was sure he would know that I didn’t completely get it – and his deep wisdom would see right through me.
He turned to me at one point and said “Dearie – don’t worry – once you have heard the truth, it’s only a matter of time.” I feel tears when I think of that conversation because if I could have it again – I would ask him how in the name of heaven, I could speed things up?
On the other hand – it was prophetic because as life has moved – I have returned to the place where I began – and it all looks new.
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