Continuing on our theme of listening as a portal to greater peace, joy and understanding – and noticing what is going on in your experience, it naturally leads you to question your thinking. Once you understand that IT IS THINKING and not the weather, the other person or your boss – it should naturally pull you towards questioning. The queen of questioning is Byron Katie and all her work helps you sort out the content of your thoughts and what to do with them. I have recently been reading her newest book and I find her approach to be a beautiful one.

She gives you lots of instructions about questioning and a worksheet to help you write it down, so you can look at it more clearly. As techniques go for dealing with how the Mind actually works- it is a solid one. And as you know techniques pull for how shall I live not how life works.

I find it simpler to notice my thought – I am thinking my husband is not helping me with chores and he should be….is enough for me to stop and pose the question…is that really happening or is that my thought? Am I that thought or am I just aware of that thought? Once I step into the awareness of my thoughts and away from identifying my problem as my husband rather than my thoughts- they start to dissolve – unravel and that tense feeling I was having a moment ago – loosens and I am suddenly more reflective.

My reflection shows me that once again I got hijacked by a thought and it created an experience of “he should, and he doesn’t” and that created tenseness in my body and suddenly the alarm was sounding, and it took only a few seconds to pose the question.

Syd Banks used to say there is “SEEING” and there is “seeing”. Noticing is SEEING what is happening as it is happening, and you get ahead of your actions or you start to be in the “before state”. The greater intelligence is informing you moment to moment of whether you want to be happy or you want to be right.

Which is it for you?