….beautiful feelings

I talk a lot about sensing your feelings as an indicator of where your thinking is heading. Many times people begin to catch on to the quality of their thinking by noticing a negative feeling. When I was working with kids, they loved the analogy of a street light. Red thoughts were a bad feeling or a mad feeling. Yellow thoughts were caution – you are speeding up and heading to red. Green thoughts were a go and they always included a beautiful feeling like joy or happiness or love.

By the same token beautiful feelings can provoke healthier thoughts – productive meetings and divine insights. So in other words you can move in either direction – start with red and slow it way down. (even better just ignore it). Or start with Green and enjoy for as long as you can.

Both require NOTICING. I personally use whatever it takes to remind me of my essential nature and the love that can be my next thought. My dogs are often the vehicle I ride to bring me to that feeling – their sweet faces – big brown eyes – their soft fur…all of that is external to me and it triggers the natural internal love I have available. For many people its the slow walk in nature – seeing a majestic redwood in the great western states or a fresh snowfall or the recent super moon- and for still others it is music or dance. Just remember it isn’t the dogs, the music, nature or the dance….its your essential nature coming alive through those things.

From the magic of a beautiful feeling – miracles happen.